MELL - Mariana Express Lines

The success of Mariana Express Lines is due to a strong commitment to our customers and service reliability, while deeply understanding our customers unique requirements.

Services & Schedules

Asia to/fm Australia

Service NameOrigin / DestinationMapSchedule
(ANA) Asia-North Australia ExpressTaiwan, China, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea to/fm Townsville (ANA) Asia-North Australia Express Map (ANA) Asia-North Australia Express Service
(DRW) Darwin ServiceGlobal reach over Singapore to/fm Darwin(DRW) Darwin Service Map (DRW) Darwin Service Service
(SDS) Singapore Dili ServicesSingapore to/fm Dili(SDS) Singapore Dili Services Map (SDS) Singapore Dili Services Service
(MXS) Micronesia Express ServiceChina, Taiwan to/fm Micronesia(MXS) Micronesia Express Service Map (MXS) Micronesia Express Service Service
(EMS) East Micronesia ServiceHong Kong, Taiwan to/fm Micronesia(EMS) East Micronesia Service Map (EMS) East Micronesia Service Service
(MSP) Majuro South PacificChina, Hong Kong to/fm Papua New Guinea, South Pacific(MSP) Majuro South Pacific Map (MSP) Majuro South Pacific Service
(CTS) China Thailand ServiceChina to/fm ThailandN/A (CTS) China Thailand Service Service
(PNG) Papua New Guinea ServiceTranshipment to Papua New GuineaN/A (PNG) Papua New Guinea Service Service