MELL - Mariana Express Lines

The success of Mariana Express Lines is due to a strong commitment to our customers and service reliability, while deeply understanding our customers unique requirements.

About Mariana Express Lines
Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

PIL Australia has been agents for Mariana Express Lines since 2015.

Founded in 1997, Mariana Express Lines (“MELL”) is a container liner operator headquartered in Singapore. Focusing on niche routes in the Asia-Pacific region, MELL has a strong reputation for transport efficiency and commitment to customer satisfaction. With a modern fleet of vessels and a strong commitment to customer service and schedule integrity, MELL brings regular and punctual shipping services to Importers and Exporters in Darwin, Townsville, Cairns and surrounding Northern Queensland areas.

Using SINGAPORE and SHANGHAI as primary hubs, MELL’s international reach extends across South East Asia, Indian sub-continent, China, Africa, the Middle East, South America, Oceania, Papua New Guinea and the islands in the Northern Pacific.